December 8, 2011

Dark Silk Blossom

Even Ugliness has something to say she said with a strange voice
I walked on her shadows with humility
serene moment lost in a place so familiar
Embracing my transparency
lightness dimness
my head has ever been an eerie attic
merely the word was fascinating me
we were meant to melt and meet

she is there behind me and I know if she falls

Strange noises in my nights
dark coton avalanche

which words are on my branch?

knotted heart
She says
I listen
Alike and alive
We lie on the ground with our dying inner child
collecting shooting stars
to remember a poem we could have written together
She loves me because I understand
I smile on her bed of cherry needs
We forget everything
we are wandering ghosts on top of our screams
like sensual ugly sylphides with injured bodies
for the sake of art
for the sake of stupid dirty poetry(…)

and everything behind me

speed blur
suppressed rumours
my silences glides and flows inside of me
I am where she exists
magnificent hell
you came back with a radiant smile
I listen to the birds
searching for my own feathers
I’m gone
I’m gone
angry and stubborn
in the grins of my dreams
I sing with the dirty shadows & I laugh in my sleepless nights
Je suis si calme quand tout s’agite
beautiful apathy I look so ugly dressed with everything you can’t see
I stand still
I’m alone
and everything behind me(…)

Les nuages doivent passer


Even the words dissolve
vanishing hard to understand
we can’t read what’s real anymore
She hid her heart in the wallpaper
From the window you can hear a beat from far away lands
A secret bird in an ocean of grains
As we die particle by particle
as we die in the whitness ravin
now only she can say what’s written in my tired eyes(…)

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